Lord Howe Island Courier Post

Lord Howe Island is a spectacularly beautiful island situated between Australia and New Zealand. Politically, it is part of the Australian state of New South Wales. Until 1998, all mail to Lord Howe Island was sorted into Post Office boxes at the only Post Office on the island (operated by Australia Post). Residents had to go to the Post Office to pick up their mail. The Lord Howe Island Courier Post was established in December 1998, to provide deliveries around Lord Howe Island, and the forwarding of parcels to the Australian mainland via Australian Air Express courier. Stamps issued by Lord Howe Island Courier Post prepay the cost of these services.

Originally, Australia Post tried to suppress this new local post, but they backed down and dropped their legal action after the case was referred to Australia's Consumer and Competition Commission. Stamps are inscribed ZEMAIL which means zero-emissions mail, in reference to the electric powered delivery van operated by LHICP.

As of January 2002 until 2014, Hawai'i Post was the official exclusive agent in the U.S.A. and Canada for Lord Howe Island Courier Post stamps and covers. However, LHICP ceased operations sometime in the year 2002.

Stamp Around has bought the remaining stock of Lord Howe Island. Stamps are available at face value.
The following issues are still available, until sold out.

Stamp issues:
is a stamp issue. Green is a special cover.

September 28 2001. Palms Issue. SOLD OUT

February 17 2001. Lord Howe Museum Dedication cover.

October 6 2000. Postmaster provisional Overprint. SOLD OUT

May 31 2000. Lord Howe Museum Opening. (Marine Park issue overprinted) SOLD OUT

January 1 2000. Millennium cover.

October 11 1999. Marine Park Issue.

June 10 1999. Emergency booklet. SOLD OUT

December 31 1998. The first stamp issue. SOLD OUT



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